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Tailored Training

Get training for exactly what you need – whether it’s certain topics specific to your use case, or more in-depth training for advanced users, we’ll help you put together a tailored curriculum.
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Who is it for?

Teams or individuals who want to take on more extensive training or expand their expertise in a specific combination of areas. Tailored training can be used as an extension to the Essentials course or as a standalone program for experienced users who are looking for an optimized training curriculum, potentially combining several specific topics not covered in other advanced courses.

What you’ll learn

It’s totally up to you! With tailored training you are in control of what topics are covered as well as to what extent. Our goal is to prepare the most time-effective training program for your team so that they spend time only on what’s relevant to them, their specific environment and use case.

How it works

  • Together we’ll define the areas, extent and nature of the training required.
  • Courses are organized as a combination of self-study materials, exercises and remote live sessions, the mix of which depends on the specific needs of the program.
  • Duration: Depends on the extent of the requirements. Training days typically present 2-3 hour workload, combining materials study, exercises and remote live session with a trainer.

Example of modules

  • 1

    Modules for beginners

    • 📚 Introduction

    • 📚 First Steps

    • 📚 Basic Components

    • 📚 Reformat and CTL

    • 📚 Joiners

  • 2

    Server topics

    • 📚 CloverDX Server Introduction

    • 📚 Installation and configuration of Server

    • 📚 Advanced Server

    • 📚 Server Automation

    • 📚 CloverDX Cluster

  • 3

    Advanced topics

    • 📚 Orchestration layer / jobflow

    • 📚 Subgraphs

    • 📚 Advanced CTL

    • 📚 Work with databases

    • 📚 Advanced components

    • 📚 Hierarchical Data (XML / JSON)

    • 📚 REST and SOAP Web Services

    • 📚 Data Services / Data Apps

    • 📚 Data Quality

    • 📚 Work with Spreadsheets

    • 📚 Work with Apache Parquet

    • 📚 SharePoint connectivity

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