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Publishing data to Data Catalog and underlying theory

This course teaches developers and administrators how to publish data to Data Catalog introduced in CloverDX 6.
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Who is it for?

This course is for Developers and Server administrators already knowledgeable with CloverDX who are tasked with populating the Data Catalog with data in collaboration with data owners. Developers implement Data Sources as CloverDX subgraphs, then package them into libraries and then publish those libraries into the Catalog. 

What you’ll learn

You can publish data as a Data Source into the shared Data Catalog introduced in CloverDX 6. This course requires essential knowledge of developing graphs in CloverDX and basic understanding of CloverDX Server. (See Essentials course).
This training will guide participants through the entire process of turning CloverDX graphs into Data Sources. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized guidance throughout the training. 
  • You’ll understand how CloverDX Data Catalog works from the developer’s and administrator’s perspective. You’ll be able to package graphs into Data Sources in the Data Catalog 
  • You’ll learn about subgraphs and libraries. 
  • You’ll learn how to publish Data Sources into the Data Catalog. 
  • You’ll be able to manage user permissions and access to Data Catalog. 

How it works

  • This course is organized as a remote live session (MS Teams or videoconferencing tool of your choice if applicable).
  • Duration: one day,  90 - 120-minute remote live session with an expert trainer

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Reusable functionality

    • 📚 What are subgraphs? Benefits and use cases

    • 📚 Passing parameters, optional input/output ports

    • 📥 Materials for Download

    • 💪 Create top X report

  • 2

    Packaging as Library

    • 📚 What is a library? How to create one

    • 📚 How to install a library?

    • 📚 How to use a library?

    • 📚 CloverDX Marketplace

    • 💪 Let's create your first library

  • 3

    Publishing data to Data Catalog

    • 📽️ Let's design Data Connector

    • 📽️ Installation and configuration

    • 📚 Best practises

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