Advanced Training course

Administration and Operations

How to deploy, configure, monitor and troubleshoot running jobs, and manage a Server or Cluster installation, including how to install and configure a CloverDX Server instance, set up alarms and read logs.
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Who is it for?

This course is best suited for support and operations staff who will be tasked with administration and maintaining daily operations of a CloverDX Server or Cluster instance. The Essentials course is not required, although it is recommended, especially for multi-role DevOps and DataOps team members.

What you’ll learn

You’ll be able to take responsibility for daily maintenance, monitoring, problem identification, basic troubleshooting and escalation of problems. You’ll also be able to install and configure a CloverDX Server or Cluster instance, set up the environment for the development teams to work in and perform routine administrative tasks. 

  • We’ll cover the basics of Server installation, configuration and optimization on-premise or into a cloud VM.
  • You’ll learn to monitor running jobs, set up alarms, read logs to identify problems, solve runtime issues and pass issues on to the development teams.
  • You’ll be able to perform common administrative tasks around the Server, such as user and permissions management, resource provisioning, scheduling of jobs, etc.
  • We’ll also cover the basics of CloverDX Server API for automated control and administration of the Server and running jobs.

How it works

  • This course is organized as a combination of exercises and remote live sessions (MS Teams or videoconferencing tool of your choice if applicable)
  • Duration: 3 days, expected workload 2-3 hours a day including 90 to 120-minute remote live session with an expert trainer per day

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day 1

    • 📚 Server Intro

    • 📚Server architecture

    • 📚Server installation

    • 📥 Materials

    • 📚Configuration

    • 📚Monitoring

    • 📚Jobs and Projects

    • 📚Cluster

  • 2

    Day 2

    • 📚Libraries

    • 📚Marketplace

    • 📚 Automation

    • 📚 Server API

  • 3

    Day 3

    • 📚 Logs

    • 📚 What to version and backup

    • 📚 Patterns for project organisation

  • 4

    Follow up

    • 👍 Feedback - Administration and Operations

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