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Consuming and Building Data APIs

Learn to get data from and to REST and SOAP APIs (even the “ugly” ones) as well as publish your transformations as Data Services (REST API) and build Data Apps (GUIs).
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Who is the course for?

Those who need to connect to APIs from CloverDX to read or write data or would want to be able to publish transformations and data as their own API endpoints (Data Services). This course requires Essentials level of understanding of CloverDX.

What you’ll learn

After completing this course you’ll be able to design transformations that get data from and to virtually any REST or SOAP API (even the “ugly” ones) as well as publish your transformations as Data Services (transformation as a REST API endpoint) and build Data Apps (GUIs). You’ll also learn to work with JSON/XML structures in order to produce and parse payloads.

  • You’ll be able to call arbitrary REST API or SOAP APIs from a CloverDX transformation.
  • You’ll learn techniques to parse and create JSON and XML payloads and work with them either as Variant (tree) or flat records.
  • You’ll be able to work with APIs using Google OAuth authentication.
  • You’ll learn to publish data transformations as REST API endpoints (Data Services).
  • You’ll be able to create simple GUIs (called Data Apps) for end users to interact with your Data Services.

How it works

  • This course is organized as a combination of self-study materials, exercises, and remote live sessions (MS Teams or videoconferencing tool of your choice if applicable).
  • Duration: 3 days, expected workload 2-3 hours a day including 90 to 120-minute remote live session with an expert trainer per day

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day 1

    • 💡 Course Intro

    • 📚 Consuming APIs

    • 📥 Materials - Day 1

    • ❓ Quiz – Day 1

    • 💪 Exercise - Consuming APIs

  • 2

    Day 2

    • 📚 Google OAuth v2 and XML/JSON write

    • 📥 Materials - Google OAuth

    • 💪 Exercise - Connecting to Google OAuth

    • ❓ Quiz – Day 2

  • 3

    Day 3

    • 📚 Data Services / Apps

    • ❓ Quiz – Day 3

  • 4

    Follow up

    • 👍 Feedback - Consuming and Building Data APIs

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