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Advanced Tips for Using Writer Components

A library of short videos that show some advanced techniques for using Writer components.
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Who is it for?

Users of CloverDX with at least "Essentials" level of knowledge who want to learn more about Writer components.

What you’ll learn

Advanced techniques around Writer components will expand your knowledge and give you more tools to sort out your data puzzles.

How it works

  • This is a self-paced course without a trainer
  • The whole content is split into short videos to allow you to cherry-pick specific use cases

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Common tips for all Writers

    • 📽️ Disable creation of empty files when no records are written

    • 📽️ Exclude unwanted fields from the output file

    • 📽️ Write data to an output edge instead of a file

    • 📽️ Partition records to multiple output files based on a field value

    • 📽️ Partition records based on number of records per file

    • 📽️ Combine number of records and field value when partitioning to multiple files

  • 2


    • 📽️ Optimize performance by using Batch mode

    • 📽️ Return auto-generated values (e.g. an ID) from INSERT statements

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    Materials for Download

    • 📥 Materials for Download

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