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Advanced Tips for Using Reader Components

Get more productive by mastering some specific CloverDX components. This course features some tips and tricks for all Reader components, plus How-Tos for specific Readers, including FlatFileReader and SpreadsheetDataReader
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Who is it for?

Users of CloverDX with at least "Essentials" level of knowledge who want to learn more about Reader components.

What you’ll learn

Advanced techniques around Reader components will expand your knowledge and give you more tools to sort out your data puzzles.

How it works

  • This is a self-paced course without a trainer
  • The whole content is split into short videos to allow you to cherry-pick specific use cases

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Common tips for all Readers

    • 📽️ Read multiple files using a wildcard

    • 📽️ Data lineage - track source information in data records

    • 📽️ Pass File URL or data to Readers from an input edge

    • 📽️ Processing files sent to a Data Service/Data App

  • 2


    • 📽️ Read each line into a single string without parsing

    • 📽️ Read the whole file into a single field

    • 📽️ Read a range of lines (e.g. line 33 to 66)

  • 3


    • 📽️ Control the number of generated records with a parameter

    • 📽️ Generate records from a list of values

    • 📽️ Generate a random number of records

  • 4


    • 📽️ Horizontal reading

  • 5

    Materials for Download

    • 📥 Materials for Download

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